Rheumatic cardiology department



  Head of Department - IVANOVA Galina

  Head Nurse - KUPRIENKO Natalia

  (044) 408-84-66


 Rheumatic cardiology department - one of the offices, which exists in Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 6. Since the founding of the hospital, it never refused to help.

 The majority of patients hospitalized for cardiac emergency indications and planned rheumatologic, many of them elderly people with different pathologies.

 With a multi-disciplinary, well-equipped hospital, unable to make a diagnosis, even in difficult cases. Together with the underlying disease, doctors offices treat weight related diseases.

 The department operates six doctors, two - the highest category of Cardiology, the three - the highest in rheumatology.

 Head of the Department Ivanova Galina - cardiologist highest category.

 Physicians with a specialization in cardiology were rheumatology. In 60% of the nurses office - the highest qualification category.

 Department for many years is the base of the Department of Therapy and Rheumatology NMAPE them. PL Shupyk. In recent years the department cooperates with the Institute in the heart, Institute of Cardiology named MD Strazhesko.

 Based on the latest achievements of science, based in the offices of anti-selection is carried antiarrhythmic therapy in patients with coronary heart disease with frequent paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. These patients, in the future, long observed by officers as outpatients. Provide medical cardioversion (restoring normal sinus rhythm) with paroxysms of arrhythmia.

 Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic patients conducted by modern methods.

 The unit deployed double and Fives Chamber, Double renovated to European standards with the presence of a refrigerator and shower.

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